Plant-Based Multipurpose Cleanser for Babies – 500ml


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Mamaearth Plant-Based Multipurpose Cleanser for Babies. It’s heartwarming watching your babies break out into soft giggles while playing with their toys. But these toys could be carriers of dirt and bacteria that end up causing allergies and infections. I clean all surfaces thoroughly while providing just the kind of care your baby needs – natural, gentle, and effective. My pH balanced formulation helps get rid of unpleasant odor and banishes germs from all the things that come in regular contact with your baby. From feeding bottles to pacifiers, dishes, toys, vegetables, and fruits, I clean everything. I’m toxin-free and am made of food-safe ingredients. I am also antibacterial, fully biodegradable, and contain no artificial fragrance. You can count on me for your little one’s 100% safety.

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